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Write the vision, make it plain...Habakkuk 2:2

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Codename Audiobook

I recorded Codename Vengeance as an audiobook for  It took a very long time but I was extremely happy with the result.  I have over 10 000 hits.  That's amazing. 

New Novels

I just published Elf Lord on Smashwords for 99 cents.  I also took this opportunity (Spring Break) to update Codename Vengeance and republish Flight of the Cosmonaut for the reduced price of 99 cents.

New Stories Published

I've been a little lax in sending out stories this year, but I do have three published:

1/1/12 "Geni in a Bottle" in Larks Fiction Magazine

4/14/12 "Une Mille Terror" in Yellow Mama

8/30/12 "Flight of the Cosmonaut" in Congruent Spaces

New Novel

After a long sabatical (otherwise known as work), I just published my new novel Codename Vengeance for free on Smashwords.

Why for free?

Simple answer:  I want somebody to read it.

I also got off my duff and sent out about a dozen of my short stories.  It's a good thing to right before school starts up.  It gives me something to look forward to in my email.

God bless.

eBook Contract

The Fiction Works picked up my novel Flight of the Cosmonaut.  They will publish it as an eBook for digital readers like Kobe.  Great company.  They don't charge for preparing the manuscript or making the cover.